Something about being human

Posted by Simon in Apr 22, 2014, under Inspiration, Poems

Something about being human is that sometimes we dream

We tell of the future in our imaginations

We fear for the worst

And when it happens, we make it through

We are born fresh of the world, the tears we cry then know nothing

Of a heartbreak, nothing of heroes and nothing of life

Yet in each and every heart is an expert of life

Blame tears for being liquid and the sun for setting in the evening

But not a word for having eyes, for having a past

For the one thing about being human is that we are no gods

We end, we shutter sometimes and we all wake up fast to end

a nightmare

When we try to stand, be the ground

When we smile make the other smile

And we love let it not die

When we find our heart beat

Let no one change its pace

When our hearts skip to name

Then we have found the one perfect gift

When we care then we appreciate that land and sea share destiny

Pick up all that is human in you

Fit in the tiny paths between oil and water

Dance to music, love and be special to someone

There is nothing more about life than just being human

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Junction of Seas

Posted by Simon in Jul 28, 2013, under Inspiration, Poems

Ocean water flows quietly colored by the colors of the sky

Flows the direction of the moon and maybe the winds

In its humbleness the sea dictates the sunset and colors up the stars of the night

It flows quietly away with the kisses of the East and arrives with the smiles of the West

Its layers covering up the saddest of memories in the deep waters

And celebrations on the bream of its chemistry

I’ve been looking so long at this sea,

Sea of heartbreaks, sea of memories, sea of creation and sea of angel tears

All these a burden to its flow, taking it all away, even the major of treasures

Taking worries to destiny and the sun to no home

Breaking ties of fate and holding the bridge to a foundation of lies

Kind to baby Moses, cruel to sailing titanic and hope to Simon

Keeping the treasured ashes of the Indians, Romantic moments of new lovers

A great site to the ones lost in thought, a mate to kids in Venezuela

A place to run to, a home to broken sand and a place that holds stories of life in its stretch

Stand by the sea, hold a little of its waters in its palm and that’s love to the world

“We meet at the junction” Thinking of the right words for seas to meet

There is nothing in the world you have ever wanted more

Than all the lost to meet somewhere in a green desert

For all rain to meet again, big to meet small

Screaming to meet silence, and pain to sink

All lost hope to form again and fate to be created

The original Sonia to meet the broken one

Take me to a junction of my wishes, the JUNCTION OF SEAS

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It is the water in the tears

Posted by Simon in Jun 16, 2013, under Uncategorized

It is never about what you see; reason is behind all withering flowers

It is not about my eyes being blue but what reflects of you in me

It is about the clocking in the silence and the unreal picture in-front of the eyes

It is not about the song lyrics but how much of it speaks to the heart

It is not about the smiles but how much suffering they cover with within

It is not about the prayer said on your knees but the fear of the unknown

It is not about the number of friends but one you think of when you realize you are alone in this world

It is not about the goodbye well said but how much of you that you leave in their heart

It is not about the rain but how of it remains when it stops

Distance is for creation but not for the heart, it is about the love found you

It is not about the hard times but how much more your hurt by those that create distance

It may not be about how many times you meet but how many times you look at a photo of them

It is not about how far love takes you but the magic in how it all started

It is not about how much people cry but how much water is in the tears

It is not about how far the skies maybe but how close you are to your God

It is not about the day’s events but how many realized your importance to them

Life twists, times are ever changing and things don’t mean what they seem to be

Take time to know your friends and think deeply about them to know who they are

Pride in family and know how special blood is, our time is never enough for love

Don’t judge, it is not about the crime but the heart that stands in between the guilt

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I wish you well

Posted by Simon in Jun 16, 2013, under Inspiration

We get to a time like this, when today and for the rest of time life changes

Maybe it is giving up what we had, or you finding the last ribbon to your travel kite

It is you smiling away, you got a lot ahead of you and happiness there in meant for you

I picture you trending blessings of generations, holding on to principals of your heart

Reading from a past and seeing all wishes finding you one by one

You are somehow gone, gone well yet here with us, you have more to life

I wish for you that when doors close, you find the closest window

I wish for you that you never have one unreal smile, may happiness be as deep

I wish for you that when you look in the mirror, you never find it hard to find you

I wish for you that whatever it costs, it is yours, blessings of your wallet in no limit

I wish for you that you ever write your name with a smile and complete it even with more faith

I wish for you that every morning is new sunrise and every night an opening door to treasure

I wish for you that hold treasures of your blood with pride and see them to a life so solid

I wish for you that when you get on your knees to pray you find him and take peace he offers

And I wish Joy, love and I wish for you that you remain you

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Posted by Simon in Jun 10, 2013, under Uncategorized

Starts with small lines of back, slowly gathering sideways to give cover

Holds it firm against the wind of the south, looks to east for a chance to shine

The sun is unfair a bit, looks way a little bit to give chance to the stars

I talk about the smile; more is to the look in the eyes

Peace, a past that is a foundation for this day

A few tears for the water’s sake therein and day’s fears

A character of the oldest sea and faith of a young mountain

Just shine, sail past eyes of angels staring with admiration

you could be one of them


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A journey to a journey

Posted by Simon in Mar 31, 2013, under Inspiration, Poems

Just in time she was ready to set off on the 1st of the month that had come in

Moving from town past to a town of new life, she gets on the bus of journeys

Journeys are always single even with many passengers,

Her thoughts were far in the hills and stretches of beautiful roads

Words not spoken on her lips are way faster than the life of a morning rainbow

Small smiles and little tears of moments mix in and a little song plays in her head

She now surely knows life is a journey,

Journey to journey she travels,

The past is a lot of nothing but a speeding train

And the future, more like a journey in the night

People with no assurance that she thinks of them

But await the love within her little life

There is no end to rolling tyres of oxen

And that when she realizes life was just all around

But not in journeys chasing for stars out of reach

And finding emotion in times of a little days

She returns to a journey of the past,

To where love was first found

And the sunset first noticed

Hope now life will make much sense

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Stand By You

Posted by Simon in Feb 25, 2013, under Inspiration

Holding a hand leaves two possibilities,
Letting it go or Holding on till you forget you were holding one
Time comes in life when we tell of a story how we went through
And it maybe all about those we love or those we wish to have made it through with us

Looking into eyes of the world leaves you to trust,
A hand within you that you hold on to
A hope within that clears the day, makes lots of possibilities to the earth’s days
An anchor is within its own waters, just like Love within its heart broken
You stand, you witness and experience, just to be a hero within self

Within storms and doubts that may stand within us, there should be a little hand of faith
When we think of every little hard time we have been through,
We always forget that we are lucky we stayed and still have hope in new mornings
Sometimes a lonely island is within reach to your heart than a party of short comfort

Find an anchor within you,
A little hand hand within to hold on to
A new little born heart within broken pieces
Faith in you even when you fail

Nothing is impossible if you find within you a reaching force to make it
You belong when you belong to you,
God’s all remains in your blood vessels, STAND BY YOU

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Homeless Home

Posted by Simon in Jul 30, 2012, under Inspiration, Poems

It used to be home to a lovely family
Every single day it was shown love
Dusted in the most lovely way
And it had company all its days

People would leave but they would return
It would give comfort to those who cried
It watched when things got hard
And saw every one inside grow

But one by one they left,
Visits became fewer and some rooms became so lonely
But it never let down its occupants,
Their memories kept strong in every single corner
Even when memories of visitors are fading away

Now one brick by one is giving up,
The roof is losing its stand,
And the foundation misses their presence
For they are long gone, and home is now homeless.

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You will smile today

Posted by Simon in Jun 08, 2012, under Poems

When you set out for a new day
And the sun is gaining strongly outside
Maybe your eyes still see the stars of the gone night
And here you are with no idea how the day will be
Know that it will be beautiful, you will smile today

When you walk across the first street,
And people pass you by like aliens
In your mind you are making a million wishes
And thinking of how to achieve the most important
Know it’s all catered for, you will smile today

You may meet a few friends, offend some people
Things may not work out so well but some success will come by
God bless every single step you make today that,
Time when you return home to those you care about
It will all be smiles, you will be blessed

As for me, I will be thinking of you with a smile

By Lubambo Simon Fred

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The World Takes It All Away

Posted by Simon in Dec 10, 2011, under Inspiration, Poems

The simple pleasures I deserved and never got,
The tears I shouldn’t have seen, the sad times
Love that got lost some where on the sea
Lonely times, hard times n most
Moments that cloud all happiness

Time passes, we try to forget you and everything that hurts
We fall in deep thought when we look at the skies
When we take long journeys,
When we are near the lake,
Pain we would love to drown with

The world takes it all away,
The wind listens to the heart,
Sunsets are for hope,
Rain is a collection of all our tears
This world takes it whole

Let us stand strong,
Even with those words we simply have no hope saying
Walls listen, the world makes it all right at some moment
Love will come by, Stars will twinkle again
Smiles will be as pure again
This world heals our broken hearts
It will one day tell make it clear to those we love
That we honestly did, that we never spent a single day
without a thought of them

It will explain us to those we have hurt,
That we never meant to hurt them
The world, some times it gets in the way
But It takes it all away

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